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The green bags manufactured by Green Bag America are completely recyclable and once they have been used behind the green bag life cycle can be recycled. Businesses both small and large that offer affordable, eco-friendly green bags to customers will be making huge strides in improving our environment.

Available Fold-Out Green Bag Products:

Green Bag America standard bag Pocket sized zip bag Wine bag

Our standard green fold-out bags are far larger than the average bag. Bigger than both paper and plastic, our bags outdo existing bags in terms of size. Consumers derive 15 percent more toting room with our spacious green bag.
When folded our green fold-out bags slip nicely into just about any other type of bag, knapsack, fanny pack, backpack, pocketbook or handbag. Consumers frequently leave one in the car, stored away in the glove box for quick access when unexpected visits to the store are made.

Fold-out Bag Dimensions:
When Folded: 400mm x 475mm
When Unfolded: 200mm x 110mm

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