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At Green Bags America we creating bags according to the clients request. we offer variety of custom silk screen printing, transfer printing, and full color printing bags with your own logo, your preferred size, and preferred Color.

Available Green Bags Products:

Standard Green bags Zipper Green Bags Wine Green Bags Insulated Green Bags
standard Green Bags Pocket sized zip Green Bags wine bag Insulated Green Bags
Full color Green Bags Surprise Green Bags Catalog Green Bags To Go Green Bags
Full-color-green-bags Surprise-green-bags Catalog-green-bags Catalog-green-bags

The Green Bags presented by Green Bag America are totally eco-friendly and supply small and large businesses with a way to express sincere concern for the global environmental issues plaguing today's society. Every business can simultaneously express a level of concern while taking progressive and positive measures to actually do something about today's most controversial environmental problems.
Our bags are purposefully created for strength, longevity, and they outperform common bags made of nylon and paper.

Green Bag America's Green Bag Product Details:

  1. Materials that Green Bags are made from: The main and only ingredient in Green Bag America's Green Bags is Polypropylene. Our bags have 100% polypropylene and nothing else. The latter material is far better for the environment, does not add toxins to the environment when disposed of, and it does not place a heavy drain on natural resources during the production process.

  2. Green Bag Structure: Green Bag America makes Green Bags that are expansive and semi-rigid on the sides for added flexibility. Meanwhile, our bag has a hard base for sturdy support when used. It is easy to stand up and fill, and it will work will with heavy duty toting tasks.

  3. Durability: Our Green Bags are extraordinarily resilient. The use of Polypropylene during the manufacturing of Green Bag America's Green Bags guarantees that the bags are flexible, and enduring.

  4. Reusability: Green Bag America concentrates on producing green bags that are exceptionally well-designed, profitable, sensible, and reusable. Small and large business owners, as well as environmentally conscious consumers can endorse environmental protection and awareness by partaking in Green Bag America's fine line of products.

  5. Element of Comfort: Easy to work with, manipulate, and handle, our Green Bags are ideal for many uses; In addition, the green bags offered by Green Bag America are solid enough for numerous heavy duty carrying and toting tasks.

  6. Level of Attractiveness: Businesses recognize the value of our stylish but realistic bag designs. A collection of color alternatives and an opportunity to attach a small or large business icon makes our green bags an eye-catching and inexpensive form of advertisement for every type of business owner and/or organization.

  7. Cost Factor: America Green Bag is a company that cares about more than merely making a profit; we truly care about the current condition of our world and environment. That is why we manufacture attractive green bags, as well as other green products, and make them reasonably priced for everyone. The sheer fact that green bags are reusable cuts costs and businesses/organizations can make a profit off of our delightful line of appealing products.

  8. Customization: Green Bag America happily manages customization requests/custom orders. With our customizations businesses/organizations can ensure that their logos are seen again and again, instead of discarded after a single use -- this is often the case with non-reusable nylon bag products. Get every penny out of your advertising dollar with our customized bags!

  9. Color Options: There are many color options when purchasing Green Bags; customized orders make it possible to match a predefined logo with the color scheme of the bags selected.

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