about green bag america
about green bag america

Want to know more about Green Bag America? Here is where you will learn about our company and what we can offer small and large business owners alike. First, let us review some fantastic reasons for relying on green bags whenever one is shopping:

1. First, green bags are far more durable than standard plastic bags. The durability of such bags also makes green bags quite affordable: fewer green bags are needed to cart groceries in, and the bags are extra strong: therefore, green bags do not require unnecessary doubling for strength like standard plastic bags can.

2. The lifecycle of the green bag when directly compared to a standard plastic bag is significantly greater. A single family unit can reuse green bags over and over again while standard plastic bags only last through a single use, are weak, and tend to rip with relative ease.

3. The handles on standard plastic bags frequently tear and the bags must be packed lightly if the handles are to endure the weight of groceries and other items.  In contrast, green bags are made with incredibly sturdy handles, and the handles allow a user to comfortably insert his or her hands through the openings.

4. Standard plastic bags are flimsy; they will not stay open without a special stand to keep handles open. Conversely, green bags are durable, solid and remain open with ease. The latter fact proves to make it possible to pre-pack items before one gets to the checkout counter and can save consumers time.

5. Since standard plastic bags are so flimsy the bags have to be packed lightly. That means that a consumer might end up using a bag for only one item, especially if the item is relatively heavy like a gallon of milk or a six pack of soda. Green bags however, can handle far more weight than weaker plastic bags, and fewer bags are used as a result.

Green Bag America is a company that specializes in the creation of custom logo bags for large and small business owners. Currently, Green Bag America offers services to small business owners that are 30 to 40 percent lower than the services offered by other companies offering similar services. Thus, Green Bag America is making it increasingly affordable for both small and large businesses to go green!

With Green Bag America products small and large businesses can improve company image while simultaneously offering clients and consumers attractive shopping bags without a generic grocery market logo. In addition, Green Bag America is developing personalized business products that are strong, durable, attractive, and reasonably priced. Our company has focused on creating eco-friendly reusable and recyclable green bags with a personalized touch which we strongly believe will urge customers to switch from plastic bags to green bags.

Green Bag America has successfully merged the concept of function with the notion of fashion, we create green bags with stunning, professional silk screen prints. Our bags are perfect for the grocery market or for retail shopping outings and they are sturdy enough to last an entire year! Offering two to three times the strength of basic weak plastic bags, green bags by Green Bag America is the way to go!

Our company's mission is to educate consumers about the benefits of going green and to reach the broadest audience possible with Our Green Bag Products. In our effort to increase consumers' Green IQ, we have combined fantastic designs with bags that offer both durability and recyclability and we hope to change the environmental protection practices of every consumer we reach!

Become an eco-friendly business and improve your company image by relying on the affordable products offered by Green Bag America: you will see the benefits returned to your small or large business through increased revenues.


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